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Post by Jennie on August 2nd 2016, 10:17 pm

We are a community message board for people to discuss movies, TV shows, music, sports, food, and basically anything else you can think of. We started out on facebook and here is how and why -

I was in LA visiting my cousin who had moved out there to become an actress and stand up comedian. Her dreams were not to come true so she had taken a 'normal' full time job while still going on auditions and doing open mic at bars and clubs. She could not get paid stand up gigs and didn't land a single role for any of the movies, tv shows or commercials she had auditioned for. I, on the other hand, had just started working for a film company. A company I still work for today. I have worked on the sets of several movies and tv shows and I have seen some disgusting actions from some disgusting people. Basically, the bigger the actor the more of an asshole they are. That's just the way it is. Usually. It's not always the case, but more times than not.

So anyways.. My cousin and I go out to a club in Hollywood and an 'incident' happens with two actresses who I will not name. They were playing the high and mighty 'I'm an actress' card all night and got away with things you couldn't even imagine. I won't go into detail, but you would have been disgusted with their actions if you had been there. The next morning we decided to start a website called Celebrity Slaughterhouse. We originally wanted to do a REAL website but we didn't have a lot of free time so we made a facebook page, recruited a few friends to help run the page and then started the celebrity bashing. We didn't use the page much and after a while there was zero activity on the page. My cousin called me last month and was hysterical over another incident at a club with an actress and her snotty friends. She told me we should start using the facebook page again, to which I agreed. But then I suggested a message board where we, and others, could tell our stories of celebrities. Not just the bad experiences- the good as well. Eventually we decided to feature sections on the site for people to discuss their favorite movies and tv shows, a sports section, a music section etc etc..

The site is still a work in progress and we are still figuring out some things. Our goal was going to be to expose certain celebrities as the rotten cunts/assholes that they are, and we can still do that lol, but our main focus has shifted more towards being a community for people to just get together and talk about movies and tv shows and the other categories I had previously mentioned.

I am pretty drunk right now so more than likely I will edit this post in the next few days so that it makes more sense. rabbit

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Post by Alyssa J on August 6th 2016, 8:58 pm

I wasn't aware that is how it all started. The cousin you are talking about is Melissa?
Alyssa J
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